Voice Vector
Custom Professional Voice Recordings for Asterisk

Terms of Sale

We make every attempt to produce custom recordings within two to three business days of receiving the order. Production is occasionally subject to delays, as the voice talents may have illness or other situations which may impact voice quality and result in delays. When practical, Voice Vector Media will attempt to provide notice of known delays on the web site. In the event a delay prevents production for over fifteen days, the order may be refunded. (See "Refund/Exchange Policy" below.)

If you are not satisfied with the delivery of your custom recording, you will have the opportunity through the web site to request that it be recorded again, subject to the exclusions described under "One Voice Prompt Per Order Item," below. Such a request must be received within seven days of the recording being posted on the website for download. The wording originally requested cannot be changed, but you may request different inflections and pronunciations or point out any mistakes in the reading of the script. If you have already requested that a recording be redone and are not satisfied with the new recording, you will have the opportunity through the web site to request that it be recorded a third time. In order to request a third recording, you will be required to upload a recording of your voice speaking the script you provided. This will help the voice talent understand what inflections and pronunciations you require. Under no circumstances will a single recording be produced more than three times.

Recordings which are meant for separate playback should be ordered separately. For example, "You have reached" and "Please leave a message" would constitute two recordings, because another recording is intended to be spliced in the middle. Each individual segment must be ordered separately, although you may pay for as many such orders as you please with one payment after placing your order. Any orders which contain multiple segments in one order item, whether apparent from the script, production notes, or intonation file, will not be subject to the Satisfaction Guarantee, above, and any changes or corrections after the recording has been produced will require an additional paid order. Further, recordings rejected under the Satisfaction Guarantee citing reasons which indicate that multiple segments are intended under the same recording order will be denied and the recording will be deemed accepted as recorded. In order to keep production prices low, we must enforce this policy to maintain the efficiency of a streamlined implementation of the Satisfaction Guarantee.

Voice Vector Media reserves the right to refuse to produce any recording, with or without reason, at its sole discretion. Voice Vector Media will not produce blatantly obscene or racist recordings or any recordings which have an apparent use in direct competition with Voice Vector Media's business. If you have special needs which may be questionable under this paragraph, we encourage you to contact the sales department prior to ordering. Emails may be directed to

A refunds will only be issued if a recording you ordered is not produced either due to a violation of the "Unacceptable Content" paragraph, above, or due to an inability of the voice talent to produce the recording within fifteen days from the date of order. A refund issued due to a recording not being produced in a timely manner will be issued only after fifteen days from the date of order if requested by the customer. If the ordered recording is available for recording on the web site, a refund will not be issued regardless of the time taken to produce the recording.

All sales are final. Because completed orders are immediately sent to the voice talent studio for production, orders cannot be cancelled or modified once placed. Please carefully review the script you provided and choice of recording voice prior to completing your order.