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Recording Fee
Custom recordings must be prepaid by credit card and are priced at $10 for the first 12 words, and $8 for each additional group of 12 or fewer words in the same recording.

Digits and Symbols
Try to avoid using digits and symbols which may be ambiguous. For example, do you want "153" spoken as "one hundred fifty-three," "one five three," or "one fifty-three"? It is generally best to type out the exact words that you want spoken, rather than relying on context.

Intonation File
An intonation file is a recording of your own voice that can help the voice talent produce your custom recording with the desired inflections and pronunciations. An intonation file should be provided if your recording will contain names or other words with pronunciations that are not obvious.

Production Time
Custom recordings are typically produced and ready for download in two to three business days.

Satisfaction Guarantee
When you receive your custom recording, you will have the opportunity to reject it and have it recorded again if it isn't quite right. The wording must remain the same as your original order, but you can request different infelections and pronunciations.
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