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Custom Professional Voice Recordings for Asterisk

Free Downloads

These full voice-packs here are professionally studio-recorded and available for free download and use, subject to the License Agreement. They are intended to replace the default voice-pack distributed with the Asterisk software, providing high-quality alternatives. Recording services are offered to allow you to extend and customize these voice-packs. Customize now...

Which format should I use?

In general you should use the voice-pack matching the most common codec used on your Asterisk system. If your Asterisk system uses several codecs, you may want to use the native Asterisk format.

Asterisk Native (sln) - Highest quality
Sound files in the sln format are not compressed and have the highest dynamic range and quality. Asterisk will compress these sound files on the fly with the appropriate codec for the particular channel. If your Asterisk system uses different codecs for different interfaces/clients, this format will present the best quality for each codec.

G.711 μ-law/a-law - Good quality (recommended)
G.711 μ-law is the ITU standard for the digital telephone network in North America and Japan, and a-law in the rest of the world. If you are connecting to the telephone network through a T1 (μ-law) or E1 (a-law), sound files in this format can be streamed directly to the digital interface without any overhead for transcoding. In most Asterisk implementations that are based on interconnection to the public telephone network, the G.711 voice-pack for your region is generally the best choice.

GSM - Moderate quality
GSM is a low-bandwidth compression standard used in cellular phone systems in many parts of the world, as well as in many VoIP systems. Because the compression reduces the quality of the sound files, voice-packs in this format are intended primarily for Asterisk systems which only use GSM. If any interfaces on the Asterisk system use a higher quality codec, users will notice a distinct quality difference between GSM-compressed sounds files and the higher-quality versions.

American Female
[custom recordings]
Available formats:
Asterisk Native [33.7 MB]
G.711 μ-law [16.7 MB]
G.711 a-law [16.0 MB]
GSM [3.9 MB]

British Female
[custom recordings]
Custom recordings only.

American Male
[custom recordings]
Custom recordings only.

Installation Instructions

These voice-packs are designed to replace the default voice-pack that ships with the Asterisk software. Once you have downloaded the desired voice-pack to your Asterisk server, installation is performed with the following commands:

cp voicepack.tgz /var/lib/asterisk
cd /var/lib/asterisk
mv sounds sounds.old
tar -xzf voicepack.tgz
cd sounds
ln -s /var/spool/asterisk/vm vm
ln -s /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail voicemail

Where voicepack.tgz is the voice-pack file downloaded from this page. If you are using a non-standard installation, change /var/lib/asterisk to the folder than contains the sounds folder.

Once you have installed the free voice-pack, order recordings in the same voice to customize the voice-pack for your organization. Create custom IVR's, hold messages, advertisements-on-hold, and internal feature prompts. Customize now...